Our role

Working with Ove Arup & Partners California, Martin was the Design Manger overseeing the design of the structure and MEP systems from the Los Angeles office.

Project details

Engineering Building Unit II (EBU2) is a state-of-the-art laboratory/research building located in the Warren College section of the University of California San Diego campus. It is primarily occupied by Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

A mix of wet laboratories, unique bespoke research labs and professional offices are provided throughout, all with large volumes of fresh air ventilation and limited recirculation. In contrast, the office spaces – provided in a secondary building – required no air conditioning given the coastal location.

Staircases and corridors link the two sections of the building, incorporated in such a way as to increase chance meetings and offer locations for collaboration.

As EBU2 was the last site of the Warren Mall section of the campus to be assigned, the brief required that it make an architectural statement.

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  • Location: California, USA
  • Dates: 1990-1993
  • Size: 153,104 sq ft
  • Project Team:
    Architect: ZGF
    Services Engineer: Arup
    Contractor: McCarthy


Design Management (Ove Arup & Partners California)