Unravelling Climate Complexity: Ashfold’s Journey Through the Climate Fresk Workshop

In an era where climate change is not just a buzzword but a stark reality, understanding its intricacies becomes imperative for every sector. Recognising this, Ashfold recently embarked on an enlightening journey through a Climate Fresk workshop. The workshop was facilitated by, Emily Churchill, a dedicated advocate for climate education and awareness. Emily shares her experience in this article:

Fresk Workshop

The Climate Fresk workshop is more than just an educational session. It’s an eye-opening experience that transforms abstract climate data into a vivid, interconnected storyboard. Our session with the Ashfold team was an exemplary display of collaborative learning and shared insights.

During the workshop, Ashfold’s project management professionals, known for their expertise in handling complex projects, applied their analytical skills to a different realm – the climate crisis. The interactive format of Climate Fresk encouraged everyone to engage, discuss, and dissect the multifaceted aspects of climate change.

Participants were presented with a set of cards, each representing a piece of the climate puzzle. The card content ranged from greenhouse gas emissions to ecosystem disruptions. The challenge was to piece these cards together in a way that accurately represented the cause-and-effect relationships of the climate system. This exercise, while challenging, was made enlightening by the team’s collective effort and diverse perspectives.

Interconnected Climate Change & Impact

The result was not just a collage of facts but a tapestry of understanding. The outcome highlighted the interconnectedness of human activities and environmental impact. The Ashfold team brilliantly navigated through this complexity, reflecting their project management acumen in a new light.

As a facilitator, my role was to guide, clarify, and sometimes challenge the participants. It was inspiring to see the team’s commitment to understanding climate change, a testament to Ashfold’s dedication to sustainability and responsible business practices.

This workshop was more than an educational endeavour. It was a step towards empowering individuals with the knowledge to make informed decisions and advocate for sustainable practices. For those interested in exploring the Climate Fresk workshop for their teams or learning more about the intersection of climate science and project management, I invite you to connect with me, Emily Churchill at emily@collective-earth.com.

Together, we can turn understanding into action for a sustainable future.