11 Pilgrim St – The Carter: Complete

We’re delighted to report that our project, The Carter at 11 Pilgrim St is now complete. Tenants Teneo have recently taken possession of three floors. The project started in 2020 at the start of the COVID pandemic. This brought with it particular challenges, followed by the war in Ukraine which affected project supply chain. Despite this, and other challenges, the project finished within budget and only slightly behind schedule.

Delivery of the project in a peculiarly tight footprint in the heart of the city of London saw some outstanding innovations from the contractor. To make material delivery more efficient, a hoist and spider crane were used instead of a tower crane. Trades were also carefully planned and scheduled. The majority of the shell of the building was retained, minimising the embodied carbon in the project.

Conservation and Design Challenges

The new seventh floor required careful design to fit into the St Paul’s conservation area against which the building borders. The building also sits on bearings above the  City Thameslink railway station box. Engineers Webb Yates designed a lightweight and sustainable roof extension using exposed steel and timber.

The original design saw an atrium taking out the centre of the lettable space. This has been filled in, bringing the building from around 110,000 to 117,000 sq ft net-lettable area. The end-of-journey facilities are exceptional. A dedicated cycle lift now takes cyclists to the former basement car park. In turn, the car park is now an extensive cycle parking area. The facility has lockers, drying racks, changing and showering facilities, and parking for over 200 bicycles.

In addition to the above, The Carter incorporates a range of sustainable and circular economy features. Many floors have seen the use of refurbished rather than new floor tiles. Improved HVAC systems and lighting bring added energy-efficiency to the project. There is a green wall on two of the main upper walls of the building to assist with bio-diversity in a very compressed area of the City of London.

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Project Team

Huge thanks are due to all involved in the project including:

Photo credit courtesy of ISG – Solk Photography