Our theory defines how we approach and deliver on projects.

Every business has processes it uses when working on projects.

They bring order and a rational approach to problem solving that help a business deliver.

We like to refer to our processes as our ‘theory’. They may not be unique, but they belong to us and define our way of working.

Our theory means a common sense approach to project management that involves analysing projects in the same way, but treating each differently. Regardless of scale, we are meticulous about detail, adaptable to changing circumstances and aware of the consequences of each decision made.

From appointment to delivery, we bring a knowledge and experience that enables us to put your interests first, so you stay informed and in control of your project.

Peter Smith is unusual in my experience. He is a true time surveyor. There are not many about. He tries to do for time what quantity surveyors try to do for costs. He plans, analyses, estimates, assesses, monitors, reports and manages time – for and in conjunction with clients, managers, designers and contractors. He manages programmes in much the same way as a QS might manage cost.

Tom Taylor / President of Association for Project Management